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Tommy - May 2023

Tommy came to us this past winter.  He and his brother were at a cattle farm where they lived happily until a dietary issue caused the loss of Tommy's brother.  Tommy then hung out with the sheep but they were sold and be began to appear depressed. The farmer posted on social media looking to rehome Tommy and that is how we were connected.  Tommy rode in Katie's car with his head over the back seat giving Harlee and Grantlee lovings all the way home. 

Tommy is a wether (castrated male) and the biggest goat at Old 40 Farm.  He is the only goat that can stand on his hind legs and see over the stall doors...and he takes full advantage of this ability to spy.

When in the lot with the goats, if we feel a slight nudge we can bet it's Tommy.  Tommy loves pets and attention and he is a very affectionate goat.  He enjoys Goat Yoga though he is a little too big for any yoga tricks.  He doesn't participate often due to his size being a little scary for some of our visitors.  He is also scared of the stairs and must be carried up and down (did I mention he is a BIG boy?!).

We adore this goofball and will continue to encourage him to take on the stairs (he is a goat after all!) so that he may participate in more of our public events.

April 2023 - Honey!

Honey is a rescue, she was only 2 weeks old when she came to us in a group of 7.  There were two nannies and their 5 babies (a set of twins and a set of triplets).  Honey was the runt of the triplets and required extra TLC. She received medications daily to help with her immunities and her growth.  She was also primarily bottle fed as she struggled to get to nurse. 

Honey has remained tiny but mighty and was the first goat to jump onto the backs of our yoga visitors.  Honey loved to be held and loved on, she will spend some time on laps of whomever will hold her.

Honey is our oldest farmhand Harlee’s goat, she claimed her early on.  When Harlee was sick with Influenze A (and had a HIGH fever) she wanted Honey…she got Honey who cuddled in bed with her for a short while.

*******Warning: Loss*********

Unfortunately, Honey continued to not grow and began to decline rapidly.  We supplemented her, dewormed her, fed her extra and separately. Honey continued to become more and more frail, and the other goats began to push her aside and she would fall and not get up. We brought her into the house to ensure she was warm and safe,  we treated her for common ailments (but no other goats showed symptoms and she did not respond to treatment). Honey spent her last couple of days being held, cuddled, and loved.  She would have seen the vet on 4/2. She passed away on 4/1/23 and is buried under a walnut tree in the yard.

Hank- March 2023

Hank is a wether (castrated male) and was born in early 2022.  He came from a farm about an hour north of Old 40 Farm where he lived with horses and other goats.  Hank came to Old 40 Farm in Fall 2022 with his brother Willie, they were 2 of a set of quadruplets! After a couple of months the original humans that had Hank and Willie offered their sisters who now also reside at Old 40 Farm (Poppi and Daisy).

Hank was quickly discovered to enjoy clothing.  Not wearing it but getting it into his mouth and pulling on it.  Hank especially likes jeans with frayed holes and threads or strings he can get ahold of.  This seemingly innocent habit became an issue during goat yoga when Hank nibbled a few people.  He has since retired from Goat Yoga, but will still be available for supervised pets and cuddles as he really enjoys the attention. Hank is a sweet baby, he follows anyone in the pasture everywhere they go and he LOVES chin scratches.

Dolly - February 2023

Little Miss Dolly was named by Katie’s Best Friend Jessica who went along on the road trip that resulted in bringing Dolly and 8 other goats home.

Katie, Jessica, and Rutley set off to Kokomo, Indiana to purchase two does.  A few days prior Katie had viewed a social media post looking to sell two nanny goats and their sets of twins and triplets.  The images haunted Katie as the goats appeared to be in a poor living situation.  Katie talked about this a lot and finally Jessica told her to “shoot her shot” and see what kind of package deal they would give.  Jessica loaned a little money towards this group, as did Katie’s Dad.  Katie and Jessica had left to purchase 2 goats in Kokomo and ended up with those two plus 7 more from Lafayette area for a total of NINE goats in one day.  It was quite the trip!

Dolly is one of the set of triplets, they were born on October 29, 2022.  She is a multi-colored doe and is very sweet.  Dolly enjoys cuddles and playing with the other young goats.  She will nibble at hair and enjoys eating beet root. Dolly is a bit of a mama’s girl and doesn’t care to be separated for long. Dolly is known to be a little bit of a daredevil and has been caught on video jumping from one haystack to another.  At one time, while the nannies and babies were still quarantined, Dolly jumped up on a stack of hay bales and jumped OVER the stall door into the stall and pasture with the other goats, she wasn’t harmed doing this or with the other goats, but Katie quickly reevaluated the placement of that hay!

Bruno - January 2023

Bruno is one of the first goats to come to Old 40 Farm. Born in February of 2022, he was a bottle baby and spent the first 4 months of his life in a home with a sibling goat (who we also have). His first family showed him in 4H and after wanted to ensure that he was a pet and not sent for processing.

Bruno is a “wether”, this means that he was castrated and will not be making any baby Brunos.  His nickname is Romeo as he loves to cuddle and give kisses and will even fall asleep on our laps.  Bruno is an absolute sweetheart.

It was attempted to “disbud” Bruno (this is the process of burning the horn buds so they do not develop), but he was a little too old and developed small horns called “scurs”.  In December 2022, the day before the Old 40 Farm Jingle and Mingle Open House, Bruno damaged one of his scurs resulting in a little nub on that side. Bruno is now dubbed the Old 40 Farm Unicorn. It’s uncertain if he will grow back the broken scur or not.

Bruno likes to follow Katie around the property and will climb to reach his favorite snack, tree leaves! He also really enjoys animal crackers and if he happens to get in the house (it’s happened more than once!) he goes straight to the cereal!